We now have 2 units in our Shelburne showroom: the HP 21 and the HP50S. One is hooked up to a chimney so we can show you how to operate the unit and heat the showroom at the same time. We are expecting the HP61 soon to add to our lineup.

These stoves come in 4 main colours: black, burgundy, apricot and green. We have the black and burgundy ones in the showroom.


The control panel has been redesigned to let the user select various functions quickly and easily. You can even create up to 4 personalized programs to to manage your heat requirements at different times.


Hopper size ranges from 40 lbs. (which is 1 bag of pellets) to 100 lbs.


Parts are warrantied for 1 year on all electronics, 3 years on glass and 7 years on sheet metal and fire box.


These pellet stoves are priced very reasonably, Call us for a price quote on any of the ComfortBilt units that are available. We also do the complete installation with 3″ ICC pellet venting and a bag of pellets to fire the unit after installation.